Build A Mobile App Without Coding With These 8 Platforms


If you’re an aspiring app creator who has always wanted to build a voice assistant, Voiceflow’s no-code application development platform lets you do just that. Voice apps shouldn’t just be limited to people who know how to program. Voiceflow makes voice app development possible for everyone without entering even a single line of code.

Here are some of the tools and services to help your business grow. And as such, there is plenty of opportunity for earning money while publishing new apps. Andromo helps you in this department through its own advertising network and that of AdMob. All apps you create with BuildFire are fully compatible with iOS and Android devices. Enjoy the advantage of UGC , which allows your audience to participate in developing resources in the app. For example, they can send videos, articles, and even images from their phones.

That’s how React Native came to be, and how it’s now being used in both iOS and Android app development. If you incline Angular, then this is the apt Framework for you. Not only does this framework provide important mobile components such as switches, sidebars, overlays but also helps the website to be responsive in the form of an application.

Walmart’s objective was to target many platforms without creating additional code and grow its user base beyond iOS. Controlling data flow from a single location is accomplished using an element of the JS app called Flux. It gives developers greater control over the software, increasing its flexibility and effectiveness.

Pixel Perfect Mobile Ui Components Built With Tailwind Css

It provides a core set of platform agnostic native components like View, Text, and Imagethat map directly to the platform’s native UI building blocks. The idea of developing apps for all platforms using only one architecture seems far-fetched. However, React Native speeds up the process of building apps across different platforms, thanks to the possibility of reusing most of the code between them. The framework lets apps attain 60 frames per second and have a great native appearance and feel, which both users and developers appreciate. Ionic is another popular javascript framework for building hybrid apps. For developers acquainted with web technologies and web app development, understanding the structure of an Ionic app is easy.

Gone are the days when you needed any developer essentially for designing and development. You will be capable of completely controlling your design by using drag and drop components. Most modern app builders are now fully capable of providing push notification features to your self-built mobile app. And the more complex a mobile app you need, the pricier it will get in the long term. As such, looking for ways to build your own mobile app on your own time might be a sound alternative.

Also, BuildFire frequently hosts live Webinars to help its customers learn more about the types of apps you can build. From a design standpoint, the interface is basic and clean, with an intuitive user experience. The animations and transitions are flawless; they never feel forced or unreliable.

The plugins cover all major areas of functionality and tooling for specific mobile applications. E.g., If you want to build an eCommerce app, you can choose between Shopify, Square, PayPal, and other integrations. With Adalo, you have the freedom to add database configuration and interactions automatically. If you have an existing API, then Adalo will integrate with the same. With a single click, you will be able to launch the true version of your mobile apps on the application stores for Android and iOS. By adding an array of features, Sencha Touch lets you customize exactly how users will interact with the application as per their wishes.

According to Stack Overflow survey results 2018, Javascript is the most popular programming language, with 71.5% of professional developers placing their trust in it. Landbot lets you assemble your own chatbots and create conversation prompts that will guide your users. With an easy-to-follow workflow, you’ll be able to tie in all of the different parts of a conversation together. And with the WhatsApp integration, you can reach fans of your brand where they’re already having conversations.

As such, you can also publish your apps in the most popular mobile stores with a single click. – You can bootstrap a fully functional application from a pre-built template. AppInstitute covers areas like events, sports, restaurants, service-business, and more. Every feature is explained either through a video tutorial or a written blog post.

Easily Add Powerful Native Features Without Writing Native Code

Read our complete guide on hiring a React developer to find the perfect expert. Facebook is not the company’s sole React Native app Facebook Ads was the company’s first React Native application on Android and the first cross-platform React Native app example. A meal delivery service and an extension of Uber’s original ride-hailing business. Here are different categories of eight applicated React apps examples.

Functional entities let you create high-performance applications. Developers can easily develop applications compatible with Android, iOS, etc. When compared to other frameworks, jQuery Mobile comes number one in the list when you have to develop an app that loads faster. In other words, choosing JavaScript as the core of your career as a software developer is a smart move. It opens many doors, allowing you to enjoy everything programming has to offer. Now, Jeff Atwood was actually making a joke at JavaScript’s expense, but his statement turned out to be true.

Convert Your Website Into A Native App

JavaScript has become the core of various popular websites along with its frameworks that are being widely used. In this article we discussed 10 popular websites which are using JavaScript, and creating their own frameworks with it. The popularity of JavaScript is increasing day by day as it’s making the server secure through its frameworks and providing fast performing websites to its users. Twitter is a popular social media site which is not only used by commoners but by the politicians as well. This website allows users to share their opinion and mostly people use it to be updated about events happening around the world. Google uses various tools of JavaScript such as Closure tools in Google Docs, but the developers of Google also create its own open-source JavaScript tools such as AngularJs.

  • React Native was simple to grasp at first, but there were some difficulties along the way.
  • Apache Cordova is a hybrid app development framework that wraps HTML or Javascript apps into a native container.
  • This is especially true for website frontend development thanks to the wide range of frameworks, libraries, and tools.
  • And the more complex a mobile app you need, the pricier it will get in the long term.

Eliminates bugs that most of the new applications seem to have. JavaScript code can be updated without any development skills. Monaca offers a powerful command-line tool and desktop app to simplify complicated tasks. Get the best, coolest, and latest in design and no-code delivered to your inbox each week. Airtable brings spreadsheets and databases together in one program. If you’re looking for an extensive collection of all things no-code, Makerpad has so much to offer.

Server Applications

You can search anything and it will provide you with the best detailed results. Making your first React app is not complicated if you follow the above steps. A configurable react component to render list with swipeable items. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Web scraping, residential proxy, proxy manager, web unlocker, search engine crawler, and all you need to collect web data.

All of this data handling is done through NodeJs because of its asynchronous capabilities and has become the center of user facing stack for Uber. They’ve also created KrakenJs which is their version of Express that simply shows how important the role of JavaScript is for the website. Wikipedia uses a simple layout without any ads and it’s free of cost.

NativeScript enables developers to use Vue CLI, VueX, and other Vue framework features to build native mobile apps. Also, NativeScript integrates with modern Angular full-stack features, such as router support, code generation, integration with Angular CLI, etc. With 60% of Fortune 100 companies relying on Sencha, it is definitely a mobile app development tool that goes beyond the mark. Sencha’s products allow developers to build apps for desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

The premium plan ($21 per month) will give you more storage space, as well as personalized branding options. Their powerful theme engine offers a library of UI components so you can mix & match different components to use them together, and it’s actually powerful. Furthermore, you can integrate any API using their REST integration wizard and also use pre-built integrations. Once you are done with your application, you can ship it with a single click and then release it to make it available for users. I think many people looking to build a mobile app are looking specifically for eCommerce-related features.

Mobile Sport Application Created With React, Jest And Sass

You need a trusted partner like ClickIT who can understand your requirements. Gyroscope grants access to the device’s gyroscope sensor, which detects rotational shifts in three-dimensional space. Better UI. The quality of an application’s java mobile development user interface is critical. If the UI is not designed well, the likelihood of a program succeeding decreases. React’s declarative components enable the creation of high-quality, rich user interfaces, which leads us to our next point.

It converts the syntax to HTML, and developers use it to generate React components. JSX is one of the best aspects of ReactJS since it simplifies the process of developing building pieces. AppyPie has helped more than 3 million creators to build a fully functional mobile app with nothing but visual building blocks. On top of support for Android and iOS, AppyPie also offers full-on PWA functionality. So, your mobile app will be viewable in a web browser like a regular website.

Tesla & React Native

And finally, you have the Enterprise plan at $499 per month, including all of BuildFire’s features. Additionally, you will find hundreds of logic as there is no limit to your thought, whether it is maths, array operations or engineering, UI logic, etc. You will get 500 building blocks, and you can also share your own composing components with the community. The above example showcases how you can incorporate an entire YouTube channel inside your mobile app. And, rather than adding new videos manually, the app will dynamically update the video list in real-time.

Furthermore, you get 500+ features, push notifications, CMS , universal links, auto-login, one-click payment, a permanent cart, and many more. Also, you can start your own chat channel to interact with users conveniently. Apart from all these, you can design your own dashboard to update each user’s data automatically.

Smartwatch Applications

Wix is a very popular cloud-based website builder service and is a React Native app example. Wix enables consumers to create websites without requiring them to possess specialized expertise or employ web experts. The sites are mobile-friendly and can be quickly constructed, updated, and managed via the Wix website. Whatever the user’s level of expertise, Wix provides a solution for developing sites. A great bonus is there is immediate support for each new OS release too.

In addition, you can add icons to make it easier for customers by using navigation bars. You can use different shapes and sizes for icons, buttons, images, etc., and add text. React primitives render to native platform UI, meaning your app uses the same native platform APIs other apps do. Tesla, the most well-known electric vehicle manufacturer in the world, has also joined the React Native community.

Building personalized experiences for different personas and customers is now more important than ever, and Typeform allows you to do just that. Typeforms are super easy to make, and we have plenty of tutorials on Webflow University that show you how to integrate them into your no-code stack. Thanks to the variety of form types — quizzes, polls, tests, and more — Typeform has many use cases like gathering feedback, performing research, and generating leads. When done well, chatbots can be a useful tool for businesses and a helpful resource for customers.


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