Interesting insights about your relationship with an ISTJ


Interesting insights about your relationship with an ISTJ

Thank you Michaela I’m an infj and those mentioned as a great match are definitely my favourite types of people to be around.

There’s still something to learn about love, self and relationships from the other types who may not be the best match

This info graphic doesn’t take into account sexual orientation and so is excluding anyone that does not identify entirely straight. I avoid extroverted or introverted sensors as an INTJ, so some of those ideal matches suggested heighten my ‘flight’ response.

i’m confused how this doesn’t take into account sexual orientation. it’s based on personality and everyone has a personality so therefore everyone is included. just because you’re a gay ISFJ doesn’t make you less of an ISFJ. or am I missing something??

I also am not quite sure what you mean. The infographic is not gender specific and is based on Myers-Briggs personality types.

It applies to every human with a personality type regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender

Enjoyed the Article. This Valentines Day AM I awoke next to my ENFP lady love. Her prodding nearly a year ago was how I discovered MBTI and my INFJ-ness to begin with.

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It has been an exquisite adventure and shows every sign of only getting better. She has helped me break out of my shell in so many ways, led me on journey’s of discovery, places I would never have gone, things I would never have done, people I would never have met.

And she understands and even senses when it all gets to be to much and I need to retreat to the forest by myself and pushes me out the door!

She is the first person to have ever really gotten me out of my own head. And whenever I find myself in that place where my never still mind is spinning out of control, she always says something that breaks the spin.

It took me 54 years… and a delightful extrovert to show me what it means both to truly be happy and to truly embrace life, and to truly love and be loved.

I like the article! I agree, you can’t base your life on a love matchmaker, but it can point you in the right direction! I am an INFJ and I believe my partner is also an INFJ. We have been together for over 5 years now and we are best friends. This MBTI Matchmaker says that we are a match made in MBTI heaven, and I believe it! ?? We both have the same weaknesses, so if we were unaware of them they could push us apart, but we communicate well and so it all works out good for us, because we understand each other! ??

Thanks, Ashley! Oh, I didn’t know you had an INFJ partner. That’s great to hear that you’re living proof that this can be a great match. ??

I’m an INFJ and like Michaela, I’ve dated my MBTI top matches but with ‘extroverted’ personalities. Although we could chat well together but some conversations came forth too intrusive to me. The intense interest felt like ultra violet scorching over me… I ended up shying off after 2-3 dates.

I do wonder how it would be to meet an INFJ or INFP, my ‘introverted’ MBTI top matches someday but it’s too rare to find in guys and I haven’t any luck.

Hi Pamela, thanks for sharing that. You might be surprised at how many innies can come into your life when you open up to the idea. After I really embraced my introversion, I started attracting fellow innies like a magnet, especially INFJs and INFPs. I hope you find your perfect matches. ??