The Boss Guide To Setting Up And Organizing Your Home Office


Put monitors on shelves to free up desk space for other things. Put a rolling cart beside the desk to hold notebooks, planners, reference manuals, etc. This is more of a storage tip than anything, but a custom fold-out desk is the best way to go as far as tiny work from home spaces. Just close it up and tuck it away when you need to convert your home office back into the living room, dining room, or bedroom. For a functional backdrop, coat an empty wall with a layer of chalk paint and then divide it until it resembles a calendar. At the start of the month, fill in any important deadlines or events, and then add to it as the weeks pass. The beauty of a cubby system is that it’s naturally neat, symmetrical, and perfectly proportioned.

Keep your shelves neat and tidy by sorting out all your larger items into large transparent plastic boxes. They also work incredibly well for storing papers and other important documents. The easiest way to maximize storage space around your home office?

Optimize Space Around Your Desk

You have to fix those things that create interruptions and distractions during work. Your flow of work will certainly be hampered if you cannot sit comfortably or have to leave your desk every time your phone rings.

home office organization tips

Your computer, keyboard, mouse, and a place to hold writing utensils are all mandatory. Everything else is dependent upon what your work entails. If you have allergies, you could keep a box of tissues on your desk. If you tend to lose track of time, you may want to keep a clock nearby.

Muffin Tin Drawer Organizer

What’s best for doing that than a comfy couch or some eye-catching accent chairs? But you can’t just throw in some extra seating without space to spread out. Try using a multilevel coffee table to store more books or a magazine rack that doubles as a side table for that mug of tea. You can even install a wall unit that hides a murphy bed, so you can turn your home office into a guest room when need be. Take advantage of your vertical space by installing adjustable open shelving, cubbies, or cabinets. There are countless ways to organize with these built-ins. For instance, if you choose to use cubbies, you can use baskets and bins to organize your office supplies.

home office organization tips

This could be as easy as putting your folders back in the filing cabinet or putting your writing utensils in the drawer. Your home office’s wall space is prime real estate for storage and organization tools. Rather than keeping your calendar, to-do lists, and file organizers on your desk, hang them on the wall! This will not only keep them visible, but it will help keep your desk clear so you can do your best work.

Storage Ideas For Organizing A Home Office

Use baskets on the shelves to keep your supplies organized in your home office. If you choose a matching set of baskets, your office will look amazing while storing everything you need on open shelves. Don’t worry about trying to use wicker baskets, plastic baskets will work just as well. You’ll be able to store all your office needs in the cabinets or on the shelves. Plus you can customize the cabinets and shelves to fit the space in your office and to meet your family’s needs .

  • You can easily assemble your own custom wall shelf by grabbing a couple of items from the IKEA FINTORP series.
  • But maximizing your workspace without the right guide might come with a little hassle.
  • You’ll feel far more efficient and in control of your time.
  • Unfortunately, bookcases can also be some of the bulkiest items out there.

With this nifty keyboard tray, you can keep your laptop or notepad safely stowed when not in use.

Label With Love

Or maybe you just have a home office for your personal life and want to dial it in. No matter the reason if you’re looking for some inspiring home office organization ideas then you’ve come to the right place. This post is packed with 31 of the best ideas to finally get rid of the clutter and get your office working for you. Plus, I’ll show you some of my favorite finds in organization products that are both functional and stylish. If your home office desk has a drawer, then it’s easy to get into a habit of just putting everything into that drawer. The best way to keep your desk drawer organized is by placing drawer dividers into the drawer. For example, this way you can keep paper clips in one divider and pens in another.

home office organization tips

An organized and homy home screen puts you at ease each time you set out to work. “Where exactly is the printer paper,” you ask your tired brain five times a day. You are probably too worked up trying to figure out where everything is home office tips all the time. Please clean up your desk and ensure it stays that way. Now it might be difficult to keep it crisp when you have nowhere to keep your documents, pins, and whatnots. A cluttered working desk is like a confusion dispenser.

Here Are 7 Steps To Organize Your Home Office

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to clean up your busy desk, rearrange your room, and add some storage space to get back on track and stay productive. Home office organization is something we don’t think much about until it’s too late.

  • Sticky notes with important info on them, business cards, a calendar, etc.
  • Polished HabitatPlacing a calendar on the wall helps you keep a better eye on your planning needs.
  • You can set up 1-2 standing lamps in the corners of your room to make it brighter without putting a lamp on your desk.

There are many reasons to organize home office clutter. Logistically, every minute you spend searching for a document or reference in a messy office is lost productive time. On a deeper emotional or psychological level, clutter can overwhelm and lead to procrastination and a loss of productivity.

Desk Accessories

This is especially true if you have a smaller desk area and don’t have any desk drawers. However, you should take care of your workspace just like any other space in your home. Take the time to wipe your desk, sweep the floor, and sanitize your office equipment. Of course, for larger items a cubby bookshelf works exceedingly well. You can stash small things into pretty baskets on the bottom row, while leaving the top shelves for decor, or bigger office goods like files and paper.

  • The calendar will keep you from pulling out unnecessary items for the day.
  • You can also use the small metal buckets to hold other items such as paper clips, post-it notes, and index cards.
  • A bulletin board will help keep your desk clutter free.
  • Remember that a significant part of your day will be spent in your home office.
  • It’s tempting to just use your kitchen stool or couch, but we recommend investing in a dedicated ergonomic desk chair.

A well-placed pinboard can help you and your family stay organized by keeping important numbers and reminders within eyesight. Don’t just rely on your desk itself to keep your home office organized. Nearby cubbies, hooks and baskets can keep the clutter off your desk so you have plenty of room to work. Expand your work space with just a few taps of a hammer, making room to store extra tech items or books. It’s also a clever way to display artwork; you can easily swap in new frames or layer pieces that you love.

You probably don’t need more than 5-10 writing utensils, so move those extra pens and pencils as well. While most modern office desks have some form of cord management, you might still need to keep cords and wires tidy. A cord organizer is the perfect home office solution for keeping wires from getting all tangled while also helping you find them quickly. We’re not just decluttering; we’re creating a workspace that will help you be more productive. There’s nothing wrong with having the kids’ pictures and family photos displayed in your home – but your home office is not the place for them. We’ll start our home office organization with something easy just to get you in the mood and clear some space.

New Year Organizing Tips For Home Office Organization

Utilize baskets under your desk or behind your office door to house anything from your work shoes to a back pillow. These are decorative yet minimal, making them the perfect choice. The best part is that it is customizable to your needs. Another way to make sure that your office stays clean is by wiping down your desk regularly. Not only should you wipe down the desk, but you should also wipe down desk decor to disinfect. Wiping everything down will also help get rid of any dust that might start to appear.


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